I am a world traveler, an avid reader, and a Target lover. 


Chelsea is my name and traveling is my game. As cliche as that sounds, it’s so true. I love any kind of traveling. If it’s a day trip to the Grand Canyon, I’m down. If it’s traveling across the globe to Indonesia, I’m so down. I love the feeling of being as free as a bird. I’m not sure about you, but have you ever been on a road trip and thought how insane it is that we (these tiny specks on Earth) are traveling across no man’s land in a little bigger than us vehicle (which is also just a speck) to a place a few hours away but has 100% different scenery than home? 


I read everything I see. I like every genre of books, for real. Up until this spring, I only had one favorite book, a psychological thriller: Behind Closed Doors by B.A. Paris. Now I can say I can add another one, a self improvement book: Girl Wash Your Face by Rachel Hollis. I know for a fact that I have THE longest list of books to read but I’m always asking for more recommendations. 


Every Tuesday, I stroll Target because one day I got a little inside scoop that Monday nights are when “my” Target displays their new books. I only received this info after spending weeks upon weeks skimming the book rack biweekly (at the least) looking for new books and a nice Target worker named Mark took notice and told me that I don’t need to come in this often to look because they only put them out Monday nights. My new book search always starts my hour (at the minimum) weekely visit to Target. I look at EVERYTHING. I go down every isle and debate if I actually need one more cute organizer for my desk or if I really need the newest face mask presented on the end-cap. After heading to the checkout counter, the organizer usually gets put back but the face mask comes home with me (it’s called self care, haha!)


But most of all, I am an artist. I fell into a deep love of photography out of the blue and I’ve been feeding my soul and Instagram feed with my art ever since. This gift has made my heart sing on way more than one occasion. I feel truly blessed to have found something I love so much.